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For countries, as for corporations, success in the global marketplace is achieved through advantageous positioning and effective branding. In the past, a nation’s history, circumstances, policies and actions shaped the way it was viewed by others. Today there are tools that a country can use to influence its international reputation and brand identity. 

The art of corporate branding is well established, but ‘nation branding’ is still in its infancy. The few who claim to be practitioners in the field have very different approaches and to date no formula for success has been established. One reason for this is the real chasm that separates developed from under-developed nations, and branding strategies for one may well not work for another. A second significant reason is that the skill-set needed to help shape and manage a good country brand is quite different from that needed for corporate, product or service branding. Nevertheless, the idea of nation branding is catching on and more and more countries are investing in branding projects.

East West believes that every nation makes a unique contribution to the world and has a compelling story to tell. In our view, the purpose of nation branding is to distill that uniqueness in its most positive aspects and to articulate it effectively using the best available communications tools. We believe that, together with good policy, nation branding should deliver practical benefits for a country. It should enhance international reputation and spur greater international business engagement in the economy. Ultimately, nation branding should benefit all the people and institutions of the country.  

As a thought leader in nation branding and communications, East West offers a unique approach combined with a proprietary set of products and services, from analyzing and tracking international perceptions of nation brands to consulting on strategies and methods for enhancing brand appeal and influence. These services are designed to help countries achieve their optimal position in the global system, with enhanced reputation and increased investment, exports and tourism. 
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